Friday, May 13, 2011

Dave Eggers on Education

Author, philanthropist and teacher Dave Eggers spoke yesterday evening in Hopkins for the PenPals lecture series which is put on by the Hennepin County Library Foundation.   Dave Eggers is known as an author whose best-selling books such as Zeitoun, What is the What and A Heart-breaking Work of Staggering Genius have caught the attention of the American public.  Instead of speaking about his life as an author, he chose to speak about education, beginning with the tutoring centers he has helped establish in inner cities around the country.  After that, he shared his thoughts on why teachers in public education today need our support today more than ever.  He talked about high teacher turnover and the salary of public school educators being comparable to that of people in professions such as bartenders and toll booth operators.  His underlying theme was that there is a lack of respect for teachers and that the profession no longer carries the dignity it has in the past.  The good news is that we have a great force of volunteers doing good in our country as his tutoring centers demonstrate.  If individuals step forward and do whatever they can to help their local public school, we who are in the teaching force can be energized to continue our work.

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