Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adopt a School District

A couple months back, I came across an article in my local newspaper entitled, "Intermediate School District 287 announces adoption campaign".  This school district exists to support member school districts by offering a host of services in areas such as gifted education special education and technical education.  I thought it was curious that they were looking to be "adopted" so I read on.
Sun Current article - February 10, 2011
The reasoning behind this campaign is that the economy is weak so the district decided to offer themselves up "for adoption" as a way to meet these challenges.  Governor Mark Dayton did in fact send out a call for every Minnesota business to adopt a school in order to make the statement that in doing this, business can demonstrate their commitment to education, knowing that a strong workforce finds its origins in well-educated students.
This campaign is a noble one but what saddens me is that our state and federal governments are not sufficiently funding public education, forcing local school districts to find other ways to make ends meet.  Budget cuts in my school district are actually tearing away at the very fiber of our special programs such as world language instruction through a FLES option (Foreign Language at the Elementary School) and  my own program which is immersion.  Perhaps it is time we put something like this on our own school marquee...

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